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Go-karting ARENA

Professional, indoor go-kart track
Ahead: 1650m2
Karting: TOBIKART 6.5 KM - 10pcs + 1 go-kart for younger drivers
Professional timing rfidsport.eu - time attack mode and race.



ultimasport.pl - sports timing

Gate width-adjustable: 1,5 [m], 3[m], 4,5 [m], 6 [m], and height-adjustable from 1.5 [m] to 3.2 [m].
The measurement zone with 8 antennas with a range of 6 m
Two co-measuring devices rfidsport reader: BOX-4A
No mats, giving freedom to the finish for skaters and cyclists
Timer can use passive or active tags, one tag (99.5% read  rate) or two tags (99.95% read  rate) in one number



Ski school T & T
Timing system based on the photocell at the finish and start gate
Two measurement zone connected by radio with a range 1500 [m]
No chips and tags - single starts with a measurement accuracy of 0.0001 [s]
Professional soft for competition skiing: slalom, dual slalom, ski 4-cross, giant slalom, etc. ..


Cycling Sports Club Legia 1928
MTB marathon series.
The measuring device rfidsport checkpoint reader: BOX-4B with four antennas
At the finish line and start: two co-measuring devices rfidsport reader: BOX-4A
Cyclist has the number for the whole season
Number has two tags, for example, the number 022 has a tag 022a + tag 022b
In the season 2012 this system of BOX-4A & BOX-4B & double tag has a 100% readings for cyclists in all timong zone


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